Turfwood.org is a Community News blog & Neighborhood Watch site for use by all residents and property owners of Turfwood, in Solana Beach, CA.

Turfwood Parking Rules & Regulations

1. Resident and guest parking are permitted only in garages, driveways, the north side of Bay Meadows Way, and designated parking areas.

2. All vehicles parked on the street or in designated guest parking require a valid Turfwood parking permit. Turfwood residents must have a current Turfwood Parking Permit Sticker. Permit stickers must only be affixed "in clear view" on the outside of the vehicle on the left rear bumper or to the left side of the rear window. All guests should have a Turfwood Guest Parking Permit visible on the dash of their vehicle. A limit of two (2) resident permit stickers, and two (2) Guest permits is allowed per unit. Contact the Management Company for additional temporary permits.

3. Parking on grassy areas or double parking is not permitted at any time.

4. It is illegal for any vehicle to be parked in a fire lane; such vehicles are subject to citation and/or towing. Parking in fire lanes is hazardous especially if emergency vehicles need to come through the community. Our fire lane signs have been updated as per Solana Beach Fire Department requirements and are as follows:

Western Towing 619-297-8697

Citations for fire lane parking come with fines and can be issued by the Sheriff's Department or The City of Solana Beach Code Compliance Office. Vehicles parked in fire lanes may also be towed at the owner's expense. The City of Solana Beach Compliance Officers have the right to routinely drive through the community. Any homeowner has the right to call the Sheriff's Department or the Compliance office to report vehicles in the fire lane.

5. Abandoned/stored vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense.

6. No heavy truck, camper shell, trailer, boat of any kind, or any type of recreational vehicle may be parked within the project, except for loading and unloading.

7. No major vehicle repair is permitted in driveways or other common areas.

9. Owners and residents are responsible for violations of guests visiting his/her unit.

10. Any vehicle without a proper permit or in violation of any of the above parking rules is subject to tow, at the vehicle owner's expense.

Reporting Crime!

Are you witnessing a serious crime? Call 911

Do you need to report a crime that has already happened? DO IT! Reporting all crimes gives the Sheriff Department a real reason to come and patrol our neighborhood more frequently. The more they know, the more they can help prevent crime and keep our neighborhood safe.

Call the Sheriff Station to discuss or report a past crime: Non-emergency dispatch (858) 565-5200

Report a past crime online: https://apps.sdsheriff.net/ecrimereport/

Water Conservation Tips

Check your toilets for leaks. Drop a teaspoon of food coloring in the tank. If color appears in the bowl after 15 minutes, replace the “flapper” valve.

Keep your showers down to 5 minutes or less using a low-flow showerhead (saves 75 gallons a week per person).


Trash Bins: Please Help!

The trash bin areas are NOT for dumping large items. We have seen closet doors, sofas, chairs, dishwashers, televisions, Christmas trees, etc. Waste Management Company will not pick those things up and if we have to hire a company to haul it away, it eats into our budget that we need for important maintenance. Please put everything in the bins including your Amazon cartons and ALL other trash.